What is the Boat SHARK Shoes concept ?

The Boat S.H.A.R.K. shoes company has created a system which allows rowers to use his own shoes to walk, run and row. This innovation allows the user to get in the boat without taking his shoes off, clipsing them directly to the footplate. thanks to a brand new fastening system.

Adapt the shoes to the user’s feet and not the other way around.
The “Liferow” shoe is equipped with a technical sole which includes a housing with an annular groove allowing the technical part called SafeBar to be fixed to the pedals.

Once attached to the technical part, the system is locked and the shoes perfectly attached to the footrest. A normal removal of the shoe from the footrest is done by means of a push button that releases the locking mechanism. If you collapse, the system will unlock itself automatically, allowing you to stay afloat whithout having to fight to free your feet.


The FISA certified that the S.H.A.R.K. foot stretcher system is in full conformity with the rules and regulations of the International Rowing Federation and is usable in any official event.

Core Values of our products are written at the heart of our identity S.H.A.R.K.

Strong fastening system, really easy to release when needed. Automatic release system when capsizing to enhance safety
Your own shoes that don’t get passed on from a pair of feet to another. Improve comfort and hygiene!
Standard Fastening System compatible with any type of boat. Shoes can be used to row, train, walk and even run.
Kit designed by rowers for rowers. Suits every type of rowing, sea, river, leisure and competition.
A Complete and Customizable Kit.
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