They tried our revolutionary rowing shoes

On Wednesday October 11th 2018, the Boat S.H.A.R.K Shoes team went to the Chambéry-Le Bourget-du-lac rowing club to meet fellow rowers to get testimonials and returns on our LifeRow shoes and SafeBar footplates

A fine weather to row on the lac du Bourget.

We were lucky, the weather was rather clement for October. The lake was beautiful as always. A really fine moment to meet the club members and have them try our system.


Rowing is a sport of great tradition, but is also constantly evolving and adjusting to achieve modernity and comfort. 

We were really glad to witness club members’ genuine enthusiasm when discovering our products. 

« The shoes are really great, and so comfy. After my outing, I reached out to get my shoes but realised I didnt need that anymore thanks to my Boat Shark Shoes. They’re really fun and incredibly pleasant» – François

Smile ! You’re being filmed!

Here’s a glimpse of our taster session and some first-hand testimonials ! A wonderful experience with commited rowers, your comments were really helpful for the team, thank you ! Your feedback was taken into account to improve the first batch of products.



These are the benefits you’ll get from our LifeRow rowing shoes and SafeBar footplates :

  • Security : Automatic release system when capsizing to enhance safety
  • Hygiene : Use your own shoes, improve comfort and hygiene.
  • Adaptability : Perfect adaptation to any type of boats, thanks to the easy and precise adjustment of the footplate. 
  • Rowers : Designed by rowers for rowers to suit any type of rowing
  • Kit : Go rowing with our customizable kit with a wide range of sizes and colours !


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